Last night, KC and Daniel scored the highest ratings for a reality show premiere this year! With nearly 3 million views, the hashtag #KeyshiaAndDaniel was the #1 trend on Twitter for nearly an hour. People have been raving for the past 4 years to see Keyshia get a new reality show, especially since her new life with a husband and child has come into view. In the 30 minute premiere, we get a close glimpse into Keyshia and Daniel's new life as we meet Daniel's family, get reintroduced to Mama Frankie and Mama Cole, and travel to Hawaii with the camera crew to see Keyshia's dream wedding.

“Being happily married takes work, so it’s not like, we’re just happy all the time,” said Keyshia. “But we’re just growing and learning each other constantly. We’re just having so much fun with [our son] DJ. The smile that he puts on our faces every day is amazing.”


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