Monday night, Keyshia took to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform her hit 'Trust and Believe'. Doing a stellar job, Keyshia wowed the crowd and millions at home watching with her "oohs" "aahs" and "ares". This is the third time Keyshia has performed the single on television, behind the 2012 Soul Train Awards and the BET celebrated, Black Girls Rock. Preview the video below to see Keyshia rock the concert stage.

We've been waiting a while, now the time is finally here, diamonds. The iTunes pre-order has been released for Woman to Woman. With less than a week until it hits stores, the iTunes deluxe album features all 15 deluxe tracks, along with a special track titled "Here We Go". Coming along with the pre-order is 1:30 samples and "Trust and Believe" if you haven't copped it already. Be sure to! 6 more days. Keyshia's ready and so are we!

Pre-order the iTunes deluxe album HERE!

Yesterday, MTV posted an article and video of an interview with Keyshia behind the scenes of her new video for 'Trust and Believe'. Throughout the video she explains the concept of the song and video and how it came into play, all the while shouting out the songwriters Guordan Banks and Jessyca Wilson.

"When I heard the song, I just thought it was amazing. Absolutely amazing and it made me cry actually," Cole told MTV News in October when shooting the clip in Los Angeles. "I've never been in a situation where my boyfriend has cheated on me with one of my closest friends but I know a couple of people who have."

Woman to Woman will be available in stores on November 19 and is available for pre-order in

View the rest of the article HERE and the view the interview below.

The video is finally here! After a two day video shoot and a VIPeek on 106 and Park yesterday, the world premiere of Trust and Believe has arrived. 

Trust and Believe, referred to as a movie, is definitely one of Keyshia's best videos. Directed by Benny Boom, the storyline follows the background of the song in a relationship where Keyshia's man is cheating with her best friend. The moral of this story is to always remain faithful. Best R&B video of the year. It definitely deserves a few awards. The cast is as follows:

Keyshia Cole Gibson as Myeshia
Tae Heckard as Tonya Wilson
Rotimi as Dontay Jones

Watch the video for the movie below:

Earlier today on 106 and Park, they gave their audience and viewers a VIPeek of Trust and Believe. The full video will be aired tomorrow on 106 and Park's airing at 6/5c.

In the VIPeek, we see Keyshia in a scene reminiscent of I Changed My Mind. We also get to see two actors from the mini-film, Tae Heckard who plays the best friend and Rotimi who plays the boyfriend.

Thanks to UltimateKeyshia for the footage. Much love! View the VIPeek below.

Earlier today on Amazon.com, album snippets were made available for preview for Woman to Woman. The full deluxe set feature 15 full tracks of heartache, pain, and an erotic joint or two. 

Features from the album include Wayne on the lead track. 'Enough of No Love', Meek Mill on 'Zero', Elijah Blake on 'Wonderland', Miss Ashanti on the title track, 'Woman to Woman', King of the South, T.I. on Forever, and Robin Thicke on 'Next Move'.  Producers from the album include Rodney Jerkins, T- Minus, Darhyl "DJ" Camper, Jr., Carlos McKinney, and more.

"I am trying my hardest for this album to help them get over the bull that they go through with these guys even though I’m not experiencing it at this moment. I want to be supportive and understanding and caring to my fans as well." says Keyshia about the album.

The tracklist for the deluxe edition is:

1. Enough of No Love (feat. Lil Wayne)
2. Zero (feat. Meek Mill)
3. Missing Me
4. Trust and Believe
5. Get It Right
6. Woman to Woman (feat. Ashanti)
7. Wonderland (feat. Elijah Blake)
8. I Choose You
9. Hey Sexy
10. Forever (feat. T.I.)
11. Stubborn
12. Next Move
13. Who's Gonna Hold Me Down
14. Why Lie
15. Signature

This is most definitely Keyshia's most evolved album yet, lyrically and vocally. I can't wait until November 19. Be sure to pre-order your copies available on Amazon and Target now.

Last night, Keyshia was the talk of people all over with her legendary performance of Trust and Believe on the premiere of Black Girls Rock. Followed by a well deserved standing ovation, Keyshia brought forth outstanding vocals and satisfied her album with something that is arguably her best live televised performance thus far. Great job, Keyshia. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us. 

There's a new layout to KeyshiaCole.com. Featuring everything from the old one including photos, videos, and a Twitter feed. The updated version features a background of Trust and Believe due November 6 for online release on iTunes and Amazon, with the album pre-order, along with a video Tuesday after the mini-marathon re-run of Family First on BET. Tune in!

Congratulations to Keyshia. Only after a week of being released to radio, 'Trust and Believe' has charted at #44 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Chart! A major accomplishment as its one of the few songs to debut that high on the chart. I'll be sure to set up a few request parties. Can't wait until November 6 when the song is rereleased so we can climb on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart too. Also look out for the video TUESDAY after Family First on BET, as guessed by our Facebook diamonds Leighlah Pearson and Magdeline Monene Letswalo.

The time we've been waiting for is finally here. Keyshia's second single, 'Trust and Believe', is now available online. Be sure to download it on iTunes here! Also be on the lookout for a third single and of course the album, Woman to Woman, due November 19.